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Hey I'm Emilly and I exhale anime

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Kuragehime - 海月姫


sometimes i think about these idiots and just????????? i can’t???????? bye

"The only one who can be in a team with me is me."

L E V I || A Choice With No Regrets


KnB: Photoset per Episode - 5

gayeager asked: Makoto Tachibana or and Haruka Nanase

"I chose to start the swim club. But that was because I wanted to swim with you again. I wanted too swim in a relay with everyone again….But if you’re not there…It’s meaningless without you! I want to swim with you!
mds seu theme novo!! tá perfeito, ema ♥

ahhh muito obrigada, momo-chan!!(。´∀`)ノ

神代 利世

love the new theme!

ahhh thank youu soo much, sweetie!! 

Free! sailor chibis ☆

It’s the same dream again.

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